Hi there. Hello. I’m Becs. You may know me from such places as UnbearablyLight. In a blog experiment of possible monumental stupidity, I have decided that my little blog audience are probably better at making decisions about my life than I am. So I’m letting them (that includes you since you’re presumably reading this) go ahead and do it. For one week only, provisionally scheduled from Monday the 4th to Sunday the 10th of February 2008, the power is yours.

As suggested here I will let you choose my food, my drink, what I watch, read, listen to, visit, view, etc. There are obviously limits – anything that I deem to be in bad taste or taking the piss altogether will be rejected. During the week in question, I will post questions about what I should do in either the form of a poll or I’ll open it up and ask for suggestions. When I carry out the tasks I will blog about it and post photographic evidence.There is a caveat for anyone who has an order carried out – you will have to volunteer to do something good and nice for someone else. It will be all honour based and what you do can be up to you, but you have to say what it’s going to be. I will accept anything from making a cup of tea for someone to pledging money to charity.

Any further thoughts and suggestions on how I should do all this are welcome )

Pleeease don’t be too evil!


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