Postponed Indefinitely :(

Ok. This is very very annoying.  It seems that I need to have a series of procedures done over the next couple of months on my crock of a back and have to be really really careful about what I get up to for the foreseeable future, to make sure things don’t get worse.

Soooo….Because I think attempting Ru(i)n My Life in a half-arsed, I-can’t-do-anything-that-involves-standing-or-walking-for-long-periods type fashion….I have to postpone things. Indefinitely. I’m really annoyed about this cause I was so looking forward to it – I’ve had some excellent suggestions so far and I’m really sorry to those who put thought into them.

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat.  Making it to work and home again and the odd exertion is kind of all I can handle right now.

Watch this space though…I’m determined to do this eventually! Maybe during the summer when the weather might make things easier anyway.

Oh and if anyone else is crazy enough to take my place for the first round, they are quite welcome!


5 Responses to “Postponed Indefinitely :(”

  1. That’s a pity Becs…but lets hope you get better soon. If nothing….it will give us loads of time to get the word out. The most hyped blog stunt for 2008? 😉

  2. haha thanks. Yeah, it WILL happen eventually, I’m determined.

  3. Awww lady, that sucks, hope you’re feeling much better soon! :):)

  4. Thanking you!

  5. That’s weird. Even though I read your blog, I somehow missed the “Annoying News” post. Maybe because I got distracted by the L Word post above it or the post below involving tea and ladies.

    I was actually looking foward to February 4th too which is what brought me here. Anyways, nice to know you’re better now.

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