My Life Is In Your Hands

For one week, anyway. Hi there. Hello. You may know me from such places as UnbearablyLight. In a blog experiment of possible monumental stupidity, I have decided that my little blog audience are probably better at making decisions about my life than I am. So I’m letting them (that includes you since you’re presumably reading this) go ahead and do it. For one week only, provisionally scheduled from Monday the 4th to Sunday the 10th of February 2008, the power is yours.

As suggested here I will let you choose my food, my drink, what I watch, read, listen to, visit, view, etc. There are obviously limits – anything that I deem to be in bad taste or taking the piss altogether will be rejected. During the week in question, I will post questions about what I should do in either the form of a poll or I’ll open it up and ask for suggestions. When I carry out the tasks I will blog about it and post photographic evidence.

There is a caveat for anyone who has an order carried out – you will have to volunteer to do something good and nice for someone else. It will be all honour based and what you do can be up to you, but you have to say what it’s going to be. I will accept anything from making a cup of tea for someone to pledging money to charity.

Any further thoughts and suggestions on how I should do all this are welcome 🙂

Pleeease don’t be too evil!

Edit: Note change of date because I’m a bit injured at the minute.


15 Responses to “My Life Is In Your Hands”

  1. Rick O'Shea Says:


    Am SO getting people to play with you on this one…

  2. E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.

    I mean


  3. Ease off the two of you….you’ll only scare her!

    If it helps Becs, I’ll be very kind!

  4. Le Catch suggestions are going to favoured from the beginning since the lunch provided the other day rocked!

  5. Ooh, I’d say I could find some good things for you to do. It would help if you had lots of free time.

    Maybe the power would go to my head though…

    …haircut recommendations…?


  6. Bec – Thank you. You’re very kind!

    KDamo – I’m sure that would be a resonable request don’t you!? I’m off to find a gigs listing for that week!

  7. Becs i wanna dress you in lovely clothes like this:

    it’ll be fun!

  8. rick oshea sent me. i might have to offer some suggestions to you in feb as well… us canadians are very strange 😉

    btw, you’re injured? not too terribly i hope?

  9. Eh rapture ponies….no. just…no.

    It will clash with the scrolling “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” sign on my jeans.

    Donna, I am well aware of the evil lurking within you seemingly friendly crazy Canadians…and I’m scared 🙂

    I have a slipped disk, it’s a bit annoying but getting better, thanks!

  10. Hmm haircuts…. I’m up for a haircut but it might be boring cause my job necessitates formal type attire so I can’t go mental.

  11. 2 small questions to help with my evil scheming.
    1. Can you play a musical instrument?
    2. Where do we submit these suggestions? Here?

  12. All good questions Tom, I shall answer them in order.

    1. I can indeed. The recorder. WHAT. It is an instrument. That’s it though.

    2. Hmm I should decide that alright, shouldn’t I? What I’m visualising is a different page for each day..and comments open on each so one can make day-specific requests. I will organise this over the next week or thereabouts…until then, feel free to suggest away right here.

  13. Ok, Here are my ORDERS. I tried to get a mix of weird/awkward and do gooder. Plenty of time to plan ahead.

    1. Play game of cards/chess/boardgame with an old person.

    2. Busk until you make at least 2 euro. (you can use your recorder or do some interpretive dance doesn’t matter, street and time up to you)

    3. Use your busking money to buy a cup of tea and give it to a homeless person (photo not required, don’t think they’d like that but maybe have a chat with them and post the conversation)

    4. Leave some songs suggestion at
    Don’t know what the theme will be that week but I’ll let you know.

    In return for these tasks I offer: my used “rail across europe” travel book, 5 euro donation to a charity of your choice and I will watch/read/listen to an film/book/album of your choosing and post review on nerdrock

  14. I just thought of a bonus

    if you can play “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey on your recorder when you busk, I will make the charity donation a tenner (It’s January, I’m skint)

  15. Oh goodness…some very good ideas Tom, I like the mix! Putting the thinking hat on right now. OMG on the busking though…I will be crucified! I will totally have to start practising the recorder straight away…when I said I played it, I of course meant I played it when I was 8. I’m sure it’s like riding a bike…hmm.

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